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Writing a Story

This gallery uses works of art from the MFA collection to help students write an original story about a selected image. This two-week writing unit is designed for a first-grade class, and it will meet the following goals:

• Students will connect forms of communication that they are comfortable with—speaking and drawing images—to help guide them in seeing writing as another way to communicate their ideas.
• Students will learn about story characteristics by using some of their favorite books as models. This will also help students make a connection between reading and writing.
• Students will learn the stages of the writing process and gain an understanding of the importance of each stage of the process.

Images in this gallery were selected because they contain key elements that will assist students in writing their stories. The images have characters, the characters in each image are doing something (action), and there is a clear setting. Images that have two characters or less or images in which the setting is more obscure should be considered "challenge" images for your more advanced writers.

Created By

Beth Brundage


English Language Arts

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