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Women (The Postcard Age)

The turn of the century brought several social and economic changes for the world. One in particular was the changing role of women, particularly in the early 1900s. Women previously were thought to remain in the home, and remove themselves from the temptations of the outside world. However, with the rise of technological advances came the desire for women to leave their familiar world at home and explore the wonders of the outdoors. Women now started to hold roles in public society, work in certain areas that were previously held for men only, and engage in activities that were once restricted. Postcards reflected the development of women’s role and illustrated the importance of promoting gender equality throughout the 20th century. Subjects included women strolling about town unescorted by a man, performing tasks that men generally did, and participating in sports. Postcards could serve as a vehicle to promote worldwide equality for women at a time when women were struggling for acceptance in a man’s world.

This gallery was designed in conjunction with the teacher workshop The Postcard Age, which took place on January 9, 2013.

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