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Women and Clothing

This online lesson is designed for students to observe women in European art from 1400s to the current day. Students should specifically focus on what the women are doing and their apperance. Reflect on the trend of women fashion, and how the apperance relate to their current social status and larger atomosphere of society. This lecture can be a broad introduction to women history. Teachers are encouraged to take part of the lesson (compare and contrast two artworks from two different time periods).

Learning goals:


In exploring this lesson, students will:

- Discover how women are portrayed differently from time to time

- Learn related social values by looking at the portraits and their clothing

Explore the biographies and experiences of the artists

- Reflect on the history of women and their main concerns 

This discovery will require students to:

- Look closely at the activity the women are engaged in, where they are at, who they are with, and what they are wearing etc. 

- Make connections between the visual art and the history that encompasses its creation

- Think about how women dress themselves today and why 

- Reflect on the trend of women's role in society

- Ask yourself: is oppression still there today? 

Art activity:

- Draw a lady from your daily life and think about what does appearance reveal about her age, profession, social status etc. 

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