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Valentines Day! The Romantic Holiday Week 2015

2015 Valentine’s day is coming everybody is getting ready to make this day special and unforgettable to his partner. This 2015 Valentine’s Day stop doing boring things our suggestions make your valentine’s day a very special day of your life. Valentine’s Day is the day of romance the story behind Valentine’s Day is

A man named Valentinus was martyred on 14 Feb. And later on 14 Feb of every year, Valentine’s Day is start celebrating.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated whole week from 7 Feb to 14 Feb.

It starts with 7 Feb and continues till 14 Feb.

Rose day February 7, 2015(( Saturday ))

Rose day is the first day of Valentine’s Day week it celebrated 7th of February every year by love birds. Rose day celebrated in different part of India as well. As the name show rose day is the day for roses when couples gift a rose to his or her partner.

Propose Day  February 8, 2015 ((Sunday))

The romantic Sunday of Feb8, 2015. Propose day this day you can propose to girl or boy that you have crush. If you love a person and you are waiting for the perfect day to propose him or her so this is the best day when you can do this. Propose day is the day when you express your love and shows your true love feeling to you partner. Lots of people are who don’t have guts to say “I LOVE YOU” so this is the best day for you . yes this the time when you show what you feel about her or him.

Chocolate Day  February 9, 2015 ((Monday))

Feb 9 is also known as chocolate day. On this day you can gift a chocolate with a card includes a love message. A warm chocolate dessert is the best way to please your partner on this day . you can gift her or him a bunch of chocolate if he or she love some special chocolate so you can also gifts her or him that one.

Teddy Day February10, 2015 (( Tuesday ))

Soft toys are the best way to show your love to your partner teddy bear also has the ancient value with usa President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Jr teddy are the always preferred gifts to you love special woman like teddy bear much . they always keep them in their bedroom with good memories .

Promise Day February11, 2015 ((Wednesday))

The second name of love is promise. it is the special day for making your love promise to your partner. on this day you can make new promise to your love and also make new commitments . Love is nothing but a sweet a responsibility for you to your partner. Like well said by a poet that “Promise little and do much”
so this day you make new commitments and try to fulfilled old once.

Hug Day February 12, 2015 ((Thursday))

Hug Day! A warm hug includes lots of word in it self. On this day hug your partner of friend tightly. Hugs are also called the love symbols. a slow and steady hug shows that how much you love, you car, you support your partner .

Kiss Day February 13, 2015 ((Friday))

Kiss day is the 6th  day of valentine’s day week it’s the time to show your deep love to your loved ones . you can kiss your partner on this day to show that how much you love her or him .it is the time when you forgive all your partner mistakes and kiss your partner to show your true and deep feeling to your love.

ØValentine Day February 14, 2015 ((Saturday)

Here is the special awaiting day for the love birds . The Romantic day of the year : Valentine’s day on this day share your feeling with your partner . spend time with her of him eat ,drink – do whatever you want to do to make each other happy . make this day a special and memorable day of your life. present flowers , gifts ,greeting card to your love with your love message .

It is the time when you show what you feels about him or her.Wish you warm Valentine’s Day 2015







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Vishu Arora