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urban communities

Artwork depicting city scenes from the late 19th and early to mid 20th century. The 14 slides include scenes of various neighborhoods. Most include scenes that depict people in the city engaged in a variety of activities. The artisits are generally part of the Realist movement. Many are from the "Ashcan School", painting the "seamier underside of subjects explored by the Impressionists and their unflinching look at the back alleys of city life... The transformation of New York City during the early decades of the twentieth century offered ample opportunities for Ashcan artists to celebrate modern life. ...As the modern city became increasingly diverse and it's experiences intensely alienating, Ashcan artists sought both to portray personality types from all walks of life and to express the essence of their individuality" pp.165-167, MFA Highlights. Yet despite the often grim reality of everyday life in the modern emerging city, there is beuaty to be found, especially in the connectedness of the people in these city neighborhoods. Every neighborhood and its peole have stories to tell. The idea of this gallery is to get students to take a look at the artwork of the period . Students can get a feel for the neighborhood in the city by examining the color, the composition and the style of the artwork. Using one or two of the pieces of art as inspiration, students should then use their creativity to tell a story about the neighborhood and the people that might live there. Hide full description | Edit Description Created by: mary-lou destefano, Teacher DownloadEmailEmbedFavoriteTagDisplaying Slides Add a Slide Add an Artwork Slide Add a Text Slide Add a Comparison Slide Add Multimedia or Your Own Image Related Resources Upload a resource file (PDF, powerpoint, etc.): File: Or enter the full URL to an online resource: URL: Resource Title: Related Resources: No files have been uploaded. Sharing Options Who can see My Gallery: Only the people below Everyone on Educators Online Add Contact Ed Online ID or Email Address Status LoadingComments (0): This has no comments. To add a comment, fill out the form. Add Your Comment:

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