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SEG Pottery and Poetry

Artist Featured in the Gallery: Walter Crane, Edith Brown, and Sara Galner.

Goals: Students will learn that artists find inspiration from each other and nature. Students will learn about rhythm, rhyme and repetition in both art and poetry.

MA Standards:
Writing 19.6 Students will write short poems
Reading 7.2 Recognize and produce rhyming words
Writing 20.1 Poetry students will identify rhyme in poetry

Materials: Web/ slide show from MFA educators online
The Green Tiger's Mother Goose by Green Tiger Press
Art and Reform Sara Galner, the SaturdayEvening Girls and the Paul Revere Pottery by Nonie Gasben
Paper, Pencils
Sharpie, thin and thick
Watercolors and Colored Pencils
Rhyming Dictionary

Artist and Poets find inspiration from many places. Today will learn about three artists that are connected through inspiration. We will use their work as inspiration to create our own poetry and art.

Please see accompanying lesson attached to the gallery.

Created By

Jennifer Kaefer


The Arts, English Language Arts

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