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Progressive Era Photographs

This gallery is the basis of an 11th grade US History lesson utilizing Progressive Era photographs (content) and the Visual Thinking Strategy (pedagogy). The lesson is student centered, inquiry based, and encourages deep probing. The teacher will ask students to observe each photograph, and ask them three open ended questions.
1. What is going on in this picture?
2. What do you see that makes you say that?
3. What more can we find?
As the discussion unfolds, the teacher will paraphrase student comments and make non-judgemental efforts to link various student ideas.

Lesson Understanding: Art reflects the culture of the era.

Essential Question: How can we learn about a time period by observing the art produced by the society?

Hopkinton High School Academic Expectations relevant to this lesson:

Students will demonstrate effective problem solving.

Students will demonstrate effective communication.

Lesson Objectives:

Students will demonstrate effective problem solving by generating hypotheses based on close observation and prior knowledge in an effort to interpret the photographs in the context of the Progressive Era.

Students will demonstrate effective communication by articulating their analytical ideas in a clear, precise, sophisticated manner in an interactive discussion with their peers.

Created By

Nancy Clark