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Pictures that tell a story: How to Read Art

Second graders coming to the MFA from Carlise Mass.  They are learning to read by looking at the pictures in a book to get "clues" about what they are going to read.

I thought we would look at Paul Revere 30.781: A Portrait: who, might this be? What do we know about the man in the picture? What clues can we find about who he is and what he does?

Watson and the Shark 89.481: A Narrative scene: What is going on in this picture? There is lots of action.   What clues can we find that tell us what is happening?

The Fog Warning 94.72: Look at this picture, think back to Watson and the shark where there was lots of action.  What is happening in this picture? What clues can you find to help you guess what might happen next?

Museum Epiphany III 2012.131

Drive by Folk art room

Twelfth Night Feast 54.102

Impressionist Gallery (game? divide kids into groups.  Give each group a picture to study/read.  Each group presents what they have discovered by reading/looking at the art)

Lind Hallway shadow art, ( game? what story does it tell? Using the light can we become part of the story?)

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Martha Baldwin


English Language Arts

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