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Paul Revere and The Liberty Bowl

Introduction and Description

Paul Revere (1768-1818) was one of the most celebrated American artists of the American Revolution. He was a silversmith, engraver, an industrialist, and a patriot in the American Revolution. He was most famous for alerting the Colonial troops that the British troops were coming during the battles of Lexington and Concord. He became one of the most influential leaders during several important historical events during the American Revolution such as the Boston Massacre and The Midnight Ride.

Paul Revere was a prominent Bostonian artist who produced many everyday items made of silver such as coffeepots, spoons, plates, teapots, and one of his most famous silver objects, The Liberty Bowl.

The liberty bowl was a commerative punch bowl that was made in 1768. The bowl is one of the most important historical documents in the United States during the American Revolution besides The Magna Carta and The Declaration of Independence. The engraved bowl was commissioned by the fifteen members of the secretive society called The Sons of Liberty, and the bowl honors the ninety-two members of the Massachusetts House of Representatives who were aganist the Townshend Act which taxed British products such as tea.

The bowl has several American symbols which represent freedom to the colonists such as a liberty cap which signifies a freed slave and the words "Magna Carta" and "Bill of Rights" are inscribed as well. There are stylized scrolls and designs which are reminiscent of the cultural objects made during this time period.

Learning Goals

Exploring this lesson, students will

- understand the significance of a commerative object, The Liberty Bowl.

- make art inspired by historical or cultural styles.

-understand the role of everyday objects during the American Revolution.

This discovery will require students to

- look closely at historical objects

- learn about the history of the United States

- make connections to social studies and the history of the American Revolution

Focus of the slide gallery

The slide gallery contains images of Paul Revere's silver items and has questions related to the objects to propose to students during the lesson.




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