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Little Corner School House

The theme for this tour is "Animals in Art".

Animals inspired artists from all over the world. How did artists portray animals in their work? Different kinds of animals. Fun facts: where did they live? sound like? look like...

The children (pre-k and kindergarten age) love dogs and would like to incorporate the Wyeth Exhibition into the tour.

The MFA has art from all over the world. The teachers would like to visit different galleries to celebrate the diversity among artists and artistic styles as well as materials and techniques.

The teachers would also like us to share the artist's name (when possible) and some fun facts about the artist or group of artists.

Some other topics of interest are: Fantastic Creatures; Images of Power; and Stories in Art.

Most art tells a story. What story is the artist trying to tell? What is the art about? What do we see? What do we imagine? Who created the art? When was it made? Where would we find it? Why was it made? How is it made?

Activity: The young artists will create a portrait of an animal on canvas. The activity will be open-ended in that they get to choose the animal they would like to draw/paint.

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