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Introduction to Ancient Egypt Pt1.

Looking back on Egyptian History, we see what appears to be a uniform style and religion. However, upon closer examination, we can see that this civilization changed and developed over the entirety of its existence. The period of greatest changed occurred between the Pre-Dynastic Period and the Old Kingdom, when relatively radical changes were made, leading to the development of a standardized religion, political system, and artistic style that would persist for over 3000 years. 


A basic introduction to Ancient Egyptian history and beliefs, this presentation should be used to introduce children to the topic of Ancient Egypt prior to a museum visit or in depth coursework. This presentation is intended to supplement a visit to an Egyptian Exhibit. This is part one of a three part series. Upon completion of the three part series, children grades 6-8 should be able to recognize and identify key Egyptian dieties, understand key aspects of Egyptian beliefs, and how various art and artifacts fit in with those beliefs. 

Pt. 1 of Introduction to Ancient Egypt features some early developments in the Ancient Egyptian system of beliefs, including the importance of order, magical imagery, the belief in the soul, and other afterlife practices.

What to look forward to in Pt. 2: Egyptian Mythology! From creation stories to the afterlife- the who's who of the Egyptian Pantheon.