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Identifying Natural Resources in the Native American Culture

This educational slideshow was created to aid 5th grade teachers in the state of Massachusetts teaching history and social science.  According to the Massachusetts History and Social Science Curriculum Framework (2003), 5th grade students are required to learn about the earliest settlements in colonial North America as well as geography (pg. 20). Lesson 5.6 asks students to describe the relationship between the early European settlers and the indigenous people in North America (pg. 29).  This slideshow addresses these topics by:

 1.) Showing students images of Native American artifacts and asking them to consider what materials they are made from and how the artifacts were used.

 2.) Depicting how Native Americans and European settlers interacted with each other through trade.

 3.) Defining natural resources and asks students to consider how natural resources change depending on location in the United States.

See the attached resources from the state of Massachusetts Department of Education which clearly outlines 5th grade history and social science lessons and goals.  








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Allison Gamble


History/Social Studies

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