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Human animal Hybrids

Age Group: Middle School

Assigned Gallery #: Gallery 177

Title: Human Animal hybrids


How are animals and humans combined in different cultures and time periods?

What characteristics & powers do human animal hybrids have?

What animal powers would you want to have?

Project: add animal features to our faces by making masks.

Objects/ Galleries*

We’re going to look at objects 1 and 2 for the practice tour

1991.1072 - Mask (Kepong or Ges); Papua New Guinea (New Ireland); 19th century Fiber, wood, pigment

1989.312 - Ganesha with Consorts; Surasena(?), Eastern Rajasthan, India’ early 11th century; sandstone

Mask (gitenga), Western Pende Region, Democratic Republic of the Congo, mid 20th century, Rattan, vegetable fiber, turco feathers, pigment (this is a promised gift so no accession number. See video)

29.139 - John Singer Sargent, Sketch for Chiron and Achilles, 1922-24, oil and graphite on canvas

Instructor Tour Routes

Emily - 1, 2, 3, 4 - DCL

Julianna - 4, 3, 2, 1 - WS

Art Activity

Mask making

Fold and cut out animal aspects from railroad board (ears, horn, beak)

Use glue dots to attach to mask

Decorate with feathers and crayons - draw fur/feather texture


Railroad board, glue dots, paper, crayons, mask template, hole punch, mask elastic, feathers, pipe cleaners, twistee wire

Touchable masks  for tour

Created By

Emily Mogavero


The Arts