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Hokusai: A Lens into Japanese History & Culture

This lesson is geared for high-school level Japanese langauge students who are studying colors, imagery, nature, seasons, and Japanese history. Students should have elementary to intermediate level Japanese language skills. No knowledge of Hokusai or ukiyo-e prints is necessary.  Some of the looking questions can be used as a "do-now" opener for the class to review key vocabulary or they can be used as pair-work activities to engage students in conversation about the artwork. The higher level students can engage in more analytical descriptions of the art while beginners can describe what they see or how they feel about the art. 

Learning Goals: 
-To describe colors, seasons, elements of nature, people's actions in various Hokusai ukiyo-e prints (beginner)
-To explain in Japanese why students appreciate certain prints more than others (comarisons) (intermediate)
-To describe Japan's reverence for nature & the seasons in art (intermediate)
-To describe what can be learned about Edo society from art (advanced)

Grade Level/Intended Audience: 
High School Students, Grades 9-12

Subject Area:
World Langauge (Japanese)




Created By

Rachel Eio


World Languages

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