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Hôun-ji at Mount Zuiryû in Fukaya, No. 30 of the Chichibu Pilgrimage Route (Chichibu junrei sanjûban Fukaya Zuiryûzan Hôun-ji), from the series Miracles of Kannon (Kannon reigenki)

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MFA impressions: 00.1170, 11.42647 The story of the Chinese Mirror (Kara no kagami).


秩父順礼第三拾番 深谷 瑞龍山宝雲寺 一心に南無観音と唱ふれバ  慈悲ふか谷のちかひたのもし 奉額 船と散る蓮のつぼみや如意宝珠 唐鏡 当山いまだ開基ならざる/昔尾州熱田の社人拝殿に/通夜しけれバ異国の美人/一面の鏡を捧げていふやう汝此/鏡を武州秩父郡深谷に奉納/くれよ彼地ハ如意輪の霊場なれバ後年/必その験ありその時此鏡仏像の後光なるべし/と告て失ぬ 社人夢中に是を聞て驚きあたり/を見れバ一面の霊鏡あるによつて是を/持て深谷へおもむき一人の翁に/渡して戻りぬ斯て元応/元年鎌倉建長/寺の道隠禅/師が唐朝/玄宗皇帝/楊貴妃が/冥福のため/自刻たる如意/輪の像を不空三蔵に開眼させ/たるを爰に持来りて本尊となせしかバかの翁/昔受取/置し鏡を/出して/しかじかと/告れバ/禅師/奇異の/思ひをなし/て汝ハ何/者と問バ吾ハ/此深谷に千歳/住悪龍なりしが/救世尊を信じて善/竜となれバ今天生の時/至れりといふ下より忽ち/風雨を起して飛去とき/庭前にのこす竜骨今/に宝物としてあり又/昔の武家の順礼札/其外霊宝あまた/あり 万亭応賀誌 *(二代広重画)(二代国貞画)(横川彫竹)*安政六年未五月(1859)


Kunisada ga, in toshidama cartouche (below); Hiroshige (above) 国貞画(年玉枠)、広重


Censor's seal: Goat 5 aratame Blockcutter's mark: Hori Take 改印: 未五改 彫師: 彫竹


By 1911, purchased by William Sturgis Bigelow (b. 1850–d. 1926), Boston [see note 1]; 1911, gift of Bigelow to the MFA. (Accession Date: January 19, 2005) NOTES: [1] Much of Bigelow's collection of Asian art was formed during his residence in Japan between 1882 and 1889, although he also made acquisitions in Europe and the United States. Bigelow deposited many of these objects at the MFA in 1890 before donating them to the Museum's collection at later dates.

Credit Line

William Sturgis Bigelow Collection

Japanese, Edo period, 1859 (Ansei 6), 5th month

Catalogue Raisonné

C's Ukiyo-e Museum,


Vertical ôban; 34.8 x 24.3 cm (13 11/16 x 9 9/16 in.)

Accession Number


Medium or Technique

Woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and color on paper