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Gregg Party - Stories in Art

How do artists tell stories through their art?

All art tells a story.

The stories can be a myth, fantasy, fairytale, folklore, legend or tell about a culture's history, traditions and rituals.

We are going to look at art from around the world and see how different cultures use different artforms to tell their stories.

We want this to be an interactive tour. I was told the young artists love to create and enjoy challenges. We want them to interpret the art and tell us what they think the story is.

"We can ask them to think about what they see and imagine what's not there based on what what is." (recommended by Young Artist's Dad)

Things to think about, that can relate to all art:

What is the story - what is the artwork about? What is the artist trying to tell us?

Where would it be found?

What does this story/artwork tell us about the artist? What does it tell us about the people?

How is made? Materials? Symbols and the like

Lastly, before studio visit - How can we express ourselves through our own art?