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Greek Theatre in Pottery

Explore the museum's extensive collection of Greek pottery to learn about the art of ancient Greek theatre and performance.  Discover how the Greeks presented their myths and legends on their stage and the form and style of drama and comedy at this time. 

Students will learn:

-About the origins of Greek theatre and the cultural significance of the Greek drama festivals

-About the different styles of Greek performance and the elements that make each unique artistic forms

-How to use Greek pottery and vase painting as a tool for learning about ancient Greek culture


Using this Resource:

• History and Social Studies teachers and students will be interested in the way artworks depict the culture, tastes and beliefs of the ancient Greeks and Romans, as well as the connections between them.

• Art teachers and students will be interested in the different materials, artistic methods and narrative techniques employed by artists to visually depict the Greek theatre particularly in ceramics.


The objects in this tour are just a beginning. We encourage you to explore the Museum’s online collection through this web resource—or even better, to visit the Museum and walk through the physical galleries—to look for other objects that will provide further insights into the history of ancient Greece and Rome.