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Discovering the Ancient World

The Ancient World consists of the earliest civilizations in the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea focusing on the time period between 8th Century BC to 5th Century AD.  The artifacts of this time period can be interpreted to understand the different aspects of life for ancient civilizations. 

The intended grade and age range for this lesson is 6th grade (10-12 year old students), specifically students enrolled in 6th grade World Cultures. Any special accommodations will be described during the lesson. One goal of this lesson is to have the students be able to brainstorm in pairs and then eventually as a large group. Another goal is to have students be able to describe various ancient world artifacts as well as analyze, make inferences, and draw conclusions about how these artifacts contributed to the daily lives and cultures of people living in the time period of the Ancient World. 

The lesson is best utilized as a pre-museum visit lesson, so the students become familiar with some of the artifacts and questions to think about when visiting the museum. The teacher can use a projector to display this lesson for the students. However, iPads can be used if a teacher creates start and stop times for each slide. This way students can enlarge to view the objects more closely. A handout showing an example of a graphic organizer/bubble map and a blank bubble map can be found at the bottom of this page along with additional resources to be used after this pre-visit lesson. 

The Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to be covered in this lesson include the following:

6th Grade World Cultures

6.15B Identify and describe common traits that define cultures.

6.21C Interpret information from databases and visuals and maps.

6.22C Express ideas orally based on research and experiences.

6.22D Create visual graphic organizers based upon research.  

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