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Creeping and Crawling: Bugs, Monsters, and Creatures in Art

Class Topic:

Creeping and Crawling: Bugs, Monsters, and Creatures in Art


(Overview & big concepts)

What kinds of subjects, textures, patterns, and materials are used to describe bugs and creatures in art? From scarabs and beetles in Egyptian art to masks and figures in African art, in what different ways can we consider insects and creatures in their culturally-specific iterations (i.e. protection, luck, wealth, danger, sickness, etc.)?

MFA Connections:

Art of Egypt, Greek Mythology

Art-making activity:

Using construction paper, pipe-cleaners, pom poms, foam shapes, and other assorted collage materials we will make our own little bug necklace charms. We will focus on how size, shape, color,  and texture can influence the type of bug we want to make (a little friendly bug vs. a big mean bug to ward off evil spirits).

Pre-tour group activity:

Books and drawings about bugs

Follow-up activity:

Why are bugs important? Research and discuss the importance of spiders, bees and other interesting bugs. Talk about the parts of the bug, the antenna, the wings, legs, etc....