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Creating Crests


In this visit participants will:

·      Understand that: art can be functional, and functional objects can be art

·      Understand the significance of a crest/coat-of-arms

- Value added to object; identitification; signature.

·      Connect the objects they see with the art making by making their own crest foil-embossing


Objects/ Galleries:

1. 14 Piece Toilet Service:

2. Covered Cup


Routes: 241A (it’s tricky to find! Hint: you must enter through 241B)


Art Activity:

In this activity participants will make their own personal crest using foil, felt, paper, a pencil, and sticky board.

1.     Sketch your own crest, like your own personal logo. What symbols will you use? Why?

2.     Place foil on felt, sketch on foil.

3.     Trace over sketch to emboss foil.

4.     When complete peel adhesive from sticky board, align, and viola! 

Note: The foil and sticky-board can be precut into a coat-of-arms/crest shape.


by Gianna and Shaina

Created By

Shaina Lu


The Arts

Grade Level