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Informing Space: How do the Elements of Art and Principles of Design work together

In this gallery we focus on the use of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design to inform space. You will see how different artists manipulate the basic components to create artworks that exhibit spatial depth and form. You will understand how different art materials respond to the flat surface.

The online gallery is organized chronologically and represents Art of Western Traditions. The works are to be viewed as a whole image and then you are to zoom in to appreciate the individual marks. You will also need to read the artist information page to learn more about the specific art pieces and how they were created.

The goal of this gallery is to support art instruction in the Elements of Art and Principles of Design on the flat surface.

Learning Goals:

Teachers will:
*Learn to utilize the Museum artifacts as a teaching resource
* Explore the relationships of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design within an image
*Investigate the commonality of mark-making in Art of Western Traditions

Students will:
*Practice connecting visual terms to actual images for deeper understanding
*Observe works of art and deconstruct them in terms of which elements and principles of art making are are in evidence
*Investigate the different media used in the images
* Make connections from the art in the gallery to their own art-making
*Understand how the elements are used with the principles to come together to create a whole image
*Learn how to read an information about works of art
*Understand that the materials and marks that artist use are the same techniques and materials taught in class
*Understand that the art processes of drawing is timeless

Using this gallery as a resource

Art teachers may use this site to reinforce classroom instruction about the elements of art in two-dimensional drawings.

The examples exhibit a variety of media, marks, and subject matter that all rely on line and value to create shape and space in the picture plane.

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