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USEFUL ART- TOYS (11/7 a.m. & 11/14 p.m.)


Class Topic:

Useful Art- Toys


(Overview & big concepts)

How is art employed in our everyday lives? Where do we see art and design in the world around us? How are our toys designed with us and other thematic elements in mind?

MFA Connections:

Carousel Animals, Calder, Playing with Paper: Japanese Toy Prints

Art-making activity:

Board Game Design

Pre-tour group activity:

Mancala, Candyland, Other boardgame play

Follow-up activity:

Take a look at your own toy collection or head to a toy store. How can you tell what age group the toys are intended for? How are toys designed for specific ages in mind? What materials is a toy made from? Is it soft? Hard? What might that tell you about who it’s for? Do some toys or games have more words than others? Are those for babies or older children, why?


Make your own game of Senet:


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