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USEFUL ART- FURNITURE (11/7 p.m. & 11/14 a.m.)


Class Topic:

Useful Art- Furniture


(Overview & big concepts)

How is art employed in our everyday lives? Where do we see art and design in the world around us? How is our furniture and stuff designed with our use in mind? How is it designed with art in mind?

MFA Connections:

Decorative Arts Collections, Art of the Americas 18th-20thc., Asian Art collection benches, museum benches/chairs/rest areas

Art-making activity:

Design and sculpt a model piece of furniture for any room or outdoor space!

Pre-tour group activity:

Analyzing pros/cons of classroom seating versus cafe seating.

Follow-up activity:

Choose a room in your house (your bedroom, living room, or even an outdoor space!) Find a part of the room that could be even better with a piece of customized furniture! Sketch out a design and/or create a prototype with paper or cardboard  Ask an adult to take a photo of your work and post it in the virtual classroom for us all to see!


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