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TEXTILES/WEAVING (12/5 p.m. & 12/12 a.m.)


Class Topic:



(Overview & big concepts)

Can art be made of fabric or string?What is a textile? What are some of the techniques artists employ in making art out of textiles? How can we use simple weaving to create art?

MFA Connections:

Japanese quilts, South American baskets, Anne Lindberg, Lia Cook

Art-making activity:

Weaving incorporating yarn and found objects

Pre-tour group activity:

Exploring fabric types and materials

Follow-up activity:

Fiber is so interesting because it moves unlike any other art material! Try playing with a single piece of yarn about 12"-18" long. Drag it along the ground, drop it from up high, drape it and coil it. How did the yarn react to gravity? Did the shape change dramatically when falling from different heights? Take photographs or sketch all your incarnations and share them with us in the virtual classroom! Feel free to share your thoughts on the process of playing with yarn in the comments section.

You might also want to read a book about Navajo weaving: The Goat in the Rug as told to Charles L. Blood & Martin Link.


Check out the exhibition at the ICA that features fabric sculptures and some weaving!:




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