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REPRESENTING PLACE- MAPPING (9/19 a.m. & 9/26 p.m.)


Class Topic:

Representing Place- Mapping


(Overview & big concepts)

What is the connection between maps and art? How have artists lent their hand to mapmaking through the ages? How do we find our way in new or familiar places? How can we represent space (both real and imagined) and place in beautiful and useable ways?

MFA Connections:

Possible MFA artists/exhibitions include: Pure Souls: The Jain Path to Perfection, Keiko Kobayashi, maritime maps, Mayan cosmological maps, museum maps,

Art-making activity:

Map creations of real or imagined places that are dear to us

Pre-tour group activity:

Using maps of Boston and the surrounding area, find our towns/homes in relation to each other.

Follow-up activity:

On your way home or on a walk around your neighborhood, keep an eye out for signage/maps that have been put up to help you find your way around! The T has maps, so does downtown Boston! Sometimes signs on the highway tell us how far we are from certain places! Use a phone or camera to photograph all the way-finders along your way!


Books: You Are Here, Katharine Harmon; Cartographies of Time, Rosenberg and Grafton; Strange Maps: An Atlas of Cartographic Curiosities, Frank Jacobs


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