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REPRESENTING THE LAND- REALISM (9/5 a.m. & 9/12 p.m.)


Class Topic:

Representing the Land- Realism


(Overview & big concepts)

How do artists represent the world around them? What choices do artists make when creating landscapes, cityscapes, & seascapes? This class will focus on artists who choose to create realistic landscapes.

MFA Connections:

Possible MFA artists/exhibitions include: Winslow Homer, Jamie Wyeth, J.M.W. Turner, Albert Bierstadt,

Art-making activity:

Landscape Painting En Plein Air (weather permitting) on the Fens

Pre-tour group activity:

Getting to Know You Discussion Topic: What kind of art do you like to make and/or look at? Realistic or Abstract? Why?

Follow-up activity:

If you can, try to come back to the Fens on a different day when the weather or time of day is different from when we painted en plein air!  Or try painting or sketching in your own neighborhood. Try sketching/painting/photographing the same scene again. What feels different? What different choices can you make as an artist in terms of color/texture/materials? Artists like Winslow Homer would come back to the same place time and again and repeatedly paint the landscape. There was always something different and new to see! Ask an adult to take a photo of your work and post it in the virtual classroom for us all to see! 


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