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PRINTMAKING (12/12 p.m. & 12/19 a.m.)


Class Topic:



(Overview & big concepts)

What steps does an artist take to create a print? How is the printmaking process of etching/engraving different than that of a woodblock print? How are they both different than just drawing? Why might artists chose to create prints?

MFA Connections:

Goya: Order & Disorder; Playing with Paper: Japanese Toy Prints

Art-making activity:

Reductive printing plates and series of 5 prints.

Pre-tour group activity:

Playing with stamps/stamp pads

Follow-up activity:

At its very basic, printmaking is the artistic process of making a repeatable image. Many of our everyday objects can be used for printing. Start by looking around your home for objects that have bumps/raised parts and lower parts. For example some of the following items might work: a coin, fun shaped pasta,  dice, your own fingerprints! Doublecheck to make sure you won’t feel bad about getting these items a bit dirty. Using a stamp pad and some paper, see what kinds of shapes you can print. Try sharing these prints in our virtual classroom so we can guess what made the prints! (Shh… don’t tell us what you used! Let’s see if we can guess!)




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