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Learn a Technique: Perspective Drawing (2/6 a.m. & 2/13 p.m.)

Class Topic:

Learn a Technique: Perspective Drawing


(Overview & big concepts)

Learn about some of the tricks artists use and rules they follow to make spaces and places look real! Then try it yourself.

MFA Connections:

Medieval and Rennaissance paintings, Hudson River School, Roman Court frescoes, Saint Luke Drawing the Virgin by Rogier Van der Weyden, At Dusk (Boston Common at Twilight) by Childe Hassam

Art-making activity:

Use a ruler as a guide to make a drawing of a place you’ve been to in perspective.

Pre-tour group activity:

Learn and share tricks for drawing 3-D objects. Cube, triangular prism, etc.

Follow-up activity:

Pick a room in your home or a view from a window with something you see that repeats… stairs, the lines in a sidewalk or on a street, kitchen cupboards...find a spot to sit and some lines look big or smaller than others? Can you draw them?




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