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Art of the Mind (10/10 a.m. & 10/24 p.m.)


Class Topic:

Art of the Mind


(Overview & big concepts)

Some artists who like to make portraits choose to focus on the inner-mind of their sitter. Join us as we explore and try to answer questions like: How can we paint someone’s personality? How can we show the world what the sitter is like as a person and not just what they look like?

MFA Connections:

Possible MFA artists/exhibitions include: Thomas Eakins, Pablo Picasso,

Art-making activity:

Using abstract techniques explored in the galleries, we will attempt to paint an emotion and/or feeling.

Pre-tour group activity:

Writing Activity: Jot down some words or a poem that describes who you are, deep down insde!

Follow-up activity:

Chose one of the images we saw at the museum (check out the virtual classroom slideshow) or choose another portrait from a museum/book/magazine. Try to imagine what the person sitting for the portrait might be thinking. You can use clues such as facial expression, clothes, lighting, and more. Feel free to write it down and share in the virtual classroom!


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