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Engage your students with the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to illustrate themes and concepts in any discipline.

Art with a Message (4/17 P.M. & 5/1 A.M.)


Class Topic:

Art with a Message


(Overview & big concepts)

How can artists use art to show us what they think or to share an opinion. What tools do artists use to make us agree or disagree with what we see, or to make us think?"

MFA Connections:

“Over There! Posters from WWI” “Japan 3-11”

Art-making activity:

Using collage, design a poster that could hang in the MFA. Think about who would see it and what it would tell them.

Pre-tour group activity:

ice breaker game

Follow-up activity:

head over to your local library and check out of these "books to inspire kids to change the world"


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