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Exploring the New World 9/15/15

USE ONLY LL and 1ST Floor

* Introduce students to the Arts of the Americas wing (how it is organized)

* Introduce theme

What do we mean when we say "The New World?"

For whom was this the "New World?" (White Europeans)

Talk about how we will be exploring objects related to 

This Exploring the New World lesson examines the earliest art of the Americas. Students will explore the portraits, furniture, silver and gold that tell stories about life in the pre-Columbian era, colonial North America, and the new nation. This lesson is designed to complement the Exploring the New World guided tour, which will be offered from October 6, 2014 - June 11, 2015, and is recommended for students in grades 2-12. 


Learning Goals:

In exploring this lesson, students will:

•Consider the range of artistic expression of American ancient civilizations, the Colonial period, and the early republic.

•Discover how the objects and paintings embody the values, beliefs and interests of the cultures that produced them.

This discovery will require students to:

•Look closely and make visual observations about art.

•Express their ideas and share them with either peers.

•Generate hypotheses and observations based on prior knowledge of history and social sciences.

Using this resource:

•Social Studies teachers will be interested in the connections between the events of early American history and the images in the gallery. 

•Visual arts teachers will be interested in the examination of the history of art in early America and its relevance to the politics and social events of the time.