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Child Labor / Modern Child Labor

This lesson introduces the nuisances of what child labor was like during the Industrial Revolution. Not only what it was like for children, but also what life was like in the cities that sprouted up due to the construction of mills. 



-Introduce Lewis Hines: his occupation, his importance, and overall impact on child labor

-Describe the different types of jobs that children had during the Industrial Revolution, along with the conditions

-Describing daily life of a child, their dwelling (with families, at boarding houses, or on the streets because they had no where to go)

-Describe city life for families and children


potential projects:

-students create a video where they are interviewed as child laborer. They describe the harsh conditions of their job and what they're family conditions are that lead them to work. They should dress up. Written component could be their script that describes their lifestyle as a child laborer.  Do research / take note facts to create their script. One person could be Lewis Hines.

-students go on strike based on the job they have. Create small picket signs that describe their demands. Strike around the school?

-write letters to an actual labor organization that fights for children's rights. 

-create a bulletin board of the current modern child laborer and the kids could create a caption for each photograph as if they were Lewis Hines. They could also interview a child laborer and create interview questions and responses. A little Q&A.

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