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Engage your students with the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to illustrate themes and concepts in any discipline.

Charlestown Boys & Girls Club, 8/6/2014, 10am

Charlestown Boys & Girls Club

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Galleries & Workshop Studio



 last minute group; I have no background information.



Participants will engage in a relaxed, conversation based tour, featuring a number of animals in the museum’s collection. Museum educators will guide participants by asking engaging questions and encouraging participants to look closely, give evidence of their hypotheses and make educated guesses about the animals and the items they are depicted on. .Participants will consider how and why animals might be combined to make different mythological creatures (particularly in greece/egypt/asia) and what animals can symbolize


Lesson Components:


-          Introduction (share the plan, share expectations, take questions)

-          Gallery visits

-          Mask Making in Workshop studio


Artworks: Please feel free to pick 3-4 of the below objects (please only go in the order described as I’ll go backwards! I doubt we’ll bump into each other) to use. The objects are clarified and have some possible questions/info on the mfa for educators slideshow. Plan to spend 45-50 minutes in the galleries.


1.       Dragon

2.       Sekmet

3.       Sarcophogus (unknown animals? Possibly griffins)

4.       Sphinx

5.       Griffin


Art Activity:

Participants will make masks based on combining real life animals to make mythical powerful animals with special powers. Thinking back to the mythological combinations we just looked at in the galleries, think about what various animals symbolize to you and your culture and how you might depict those in a mask to give you special powers!



Mask cutouts


Colored pencils

Origami paper scraps

Created By



The Arts

Grade Level