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BU Camp Terrier. Olympics and Around the World

On the tour, we'll see 4 objects from around the world that touch on olympics, sports and activities.

Starting Discussion Questions:

What are the olympics? What do you know about the event?

Every 4 years, athletes from around the world gather to compete in events like long jump, discus, snowboarding, and figure skating!

What's the reward? A celebration for that country and a shiny gold medal!

Have you watched an olympic sport? What's your favorite? Why?

Winners didn't always get a medal. Durin the earliest Olympics games, winners would wear a crown of olive leaves.

The first known Olympics were held in 776 BC in southern greece! That is almost 3,000 years ago!

The olympics were created for a famous god in Greece. His name was Zeus! Who has heard of Zeus? Has anyone heard of Zeus's son? It's Hercules!

The olympic games stopped for awhile and came back in 1896 in Athens, Greece. In 1924, the winter olympics were added to include cross-country skiing and ice hockey!

What's another reason we have the Olympics? To bring all these countries together!! We celebrate friendship and peace!

1. Ballgame Yoke. Gallery LG 322. Tire Jumping in Front of my Window. Gallery 326A3. Panathenaic Prize Vase. Gallery 212 A-B4. Edgar Degas - Dancers RestingDancers in Rose / Three Dancers. Gallery 155 (you can also look at Mary Cassatt's pastels that were similar to Degas') First, we'll make pinch pots and then add shapes, lines, colors and symbols that represent themselves using paint!

We'll need 2 boxes, brown paper covering the tables, paper towels, markers, clay (in balls), palette paper, paint brushes, water containers, and red, blue, yellow, and white on each palette paper. 


Created By

Bretta Hutchinson


The Arts

Grade Level

General Interest, K-2

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