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A Brief Tour of Mexico

Introduction to Mexico

Grade level: fourth


This slideshow will be the first lesson to kick off our Mexico unit. It will offer students a glimpse of what is to come and also get them thinking about our neighbor to the south. What do they already know? What are they are curious about? It will spark background knowledge and questions about the culture.

MA State Standards:

4.23 On a map of North America, locate Mexico and its major cities. (G)

4.24 Describe the climate, major physical characteristics, and major natural resources of Mexico and explain their relationship to the Mexican economy. (G)

4.25 Identify the language, major religion, and peoples of Mexico. (H)

4.26 Identify when Mexico became an independent nation and describe how independence was achieved. (H, G)

Using the MFA's Educators Online Resource:

This slideshow uses some objects from the MFA's Art of the Ancient Americas Mayan and Aztec collections and the Viva Mexico! temporary exhibit. To provide a glimpse into other aspects of the Mexican culture, paintings, photographs, and prints were taken from various web sites.

Created By

Lauren Troy