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MFA for Educators

Engage your students with the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, to illustrate themes and concepts in any discipline.

Art & Writing

*Based on the Art, Writing and the Common Core Teacher workshop on April 9, 2014

1) Jump into a work of art: Choose a work of art in the gallery that draws you in. Imagine you can "jump" into it and write a story about your adventure.  How did you get there? What happened to you as you explored the work of art from the inside? How will you get back out? If you choose, illustrate your story with a picture of yourself inside the work of art.

2) Figurative Language Poem: This four-line poem structure was taken from the book Image to Word: Art and Creative Writing.

Choose a work of art and look closely at it.  Then create these four lines. Write a second poem afterwards.

Line 1: Your own creative name for the work of art

Line 2: An action phrase based on what you see

Line 3: A simile or metaphor that describes a character or the setting of the work of art

Line 4: Another short name for the work of art.


The Thinker

Inward focus

He arches his back and furrows his brow

Strong like the bronze that forms his body

Unbroken concentration