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Alternative Materials

·         Art can be made with many different things. Especially in our post-Duchampian 20th century world, artists explore there ideas using material as a theoretical tool or point of expression, divorcing themselves from the classical and academic restrictions of the past, and allowing art to say new, contemporary, and important things.

o   Why would an artist choose to use these materials?

o   What difference does it make to use these materials?

o   How do we say things with not only objects but with the “stuff” of the objects we make?

o   In what ways is this still art(istic)?

o   What role does skill play? What about concept? (Art) History? What’s meaningful to you?

o   Some of these deal with identity, some of these don’t

o   Why do you think so many of these are untitled?

·         Think about an idea or image to represent, how can we do this with different materials (beads, bottle caps, cardboard collage, nets and sand, fibers, fabric, ???)

o   How would you draw this idea?

o   Are you saying something you can’t draw/paint?

o   What about the concept?

o   What difference does the stuff make?

o   What’s outside the canvas?

o   Are you putting your ideas down and limiting them or letting them come out?

o   What’s different about constructing your ideas like this? About thinking about them like this?

o   Why did you pick this one? Does it matter that you, the artist, chose this thing (readymade) to use in your artwork?

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